What's the Royal Palace in Brussels thinking about the torture of Arbi Zarmaev ?


Today, we had planned with 30 Chechens an action for the liberation of Arbi who is still isolated in the most horrible circumstances, in the prison of Bruges.

When we arrived at the Royal Palace in Brussels, there were about 40 policemen in 3 special police cars who were waiting us.

It was the same police force (with also members of the secret police) as 14 days ago when we were coming together at the buildings of the European Parliament.

They forbidded us to spread leaflets and to make photos.

They repeated all the time that we ‘needed a permission for this manifestation’.

It is on this way that every news about Arbi is blocked by the Belgian authorities and the Belgian minister Stefaan De Clerck (christen-democratic party) who made a deal with the Russian government for Arbi’s transportation.

The association Pax Christi said on 8.4.2011 that the European Council (ERC) didn’t accept that Arbi should be detained in a Russian or Chechenen prison because there was a serious risk that he would be tortured and murdered as was the case with a lot of other Chechens.
The Belgian minister of Justice and the Belgian Council were relativating this risk all the time. But how can they relativate it if they could not even prevent that Arbi was tortured in the prisons of Hasselt and Bruges ? How can they relavate it while Arbi is totally isolated and treated with psychiatric drugs in a Belgian prison ?

We have contacted the european authorities but they want to cover up this case because they will prove that we are living in ‘free and democratic’ european countries (which tolerate torture practices in european prisons).

We contacted also the European Comitee Against Torture and the UN Comitee Against Torture but they didn’t reply while the Belgian State was regularely condamned for torture practices in its prisons.

Arbi’s family is very afraid. She thinks that Arbi will not leave alive the prison in Bruges. During almost 14 days the Belgian authorites are blocking every social contact of Arbi. 24 hours on 24 hours he is closed up and they are making him mad with psychiatric drugs.

The family will not stop their actions. New and better organized actions without infiltration of the Belgian secret police are already planned.

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