War propaganda and child abuse


On 11.11.2012, George Entwistle resigned as director general of the BBC, just two months into the job, to take responsibility for the child sex allegation on the flagship news programme Newsnight.

The BBC, celebrating its 90th anniversary, is affectionately known in Britain as "Auntie", and respected around much of the world.

But with 22,000 staff working at eight national TV channels, 50 radio stations and an extensive Internet operation, critics say it is hampered by a complex and overly bureaucratic and hierarchical management structure.

Journalists said this had become worse under Entwistle's predecessor Mark Thompson after the BBC was castigated by a public inquiry over a report alleging government impropriety in the fevered build up to war in Iraq.

One of the BBC's most prominent figures, Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman, said since the Iraq report furore, management had become bloated while cash had been cut from programme budgets.

Child abuse is not limited to the BBC but, as the daily war propaganda, is a part of the western values.

The Zandvoort childporn case (88.539 victims), first came to light in 1998 when Belgian founder of child support Group Werkgroep Morkhoven, Marcel Vervloesem, provided a mountain of evidence to Dutch police indicating the operation of a systematic network which dealt in the kidnapping, torture and sexual abuse of children, even infants. 

Included in this evidence were high-profile names and matching bank account details proving their involvement.

The following investigative TV report about the Zandvoort case was broadcast on French TV in May 2010. 

Photo: Marcel Vervloesem, Princess of Croÿ and Jan Boeykens of Werkgroep Morkhoven
For more information:
http://fondationprincessedecroy.morkhoven.org/ (if this link is not disabled by the services of the Belgian Justice department which used any means to remove the websites of Werkgroep Morkhoven and Foundation Princess de croÿ of the Internet)

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