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Speech by Guy Verhofstadt - Intervention in plenary


Intervention by Guy Verhofstadt

13 March 2013

Spring European Council


Dear President,

I start with a request to you.

May I ask you to raise in your intervention at the European Council the issue of Hungary ?

What is happening there is an offence against the principles of the Union, an attack against our common values. It is about Hungary but it is also beyond Hungary. It's about Europe. Europe must show that it stands united in the defence of its basic values: democracy, rule of law, fundamental rights.

I said already yesterday, it is time to take stronger action on the basis of art. 7, to launch an open and frank dialogue with Hungary, including recommendations.

All three institutions have to take their responsibilities. We with the Tavares report. 

You, the Irish Presidency, may I ask you to put it on the agenda Friday ? 

And if not, can I ask you Mister Barroso, art. 7 also gives you the power to act.

And don't tell me that we have to examine it first. There is nothing to examine, it is crystal clear. Every breach of the values that have been observed the past two years by the European Commission, by the Venice Commission, by the Hungarian Constitutional Court, have now simply been put in the constitution.

My second remark is about the Spring Council itself. Mr. Barroso, you have written to the European Council, and I quote: "We are not yet out of the crisis (...) but we can see that the reform efforts of Member States are starting to bear fruit."


My assesment is different and I take your key data on GDP, unemployment and public deficit and debt:

In the eurozone, 7 countries are in recession - which means negative economic growth  - and 9 are in stagnation, which means 1% of growth or even less.  Estonia being the exception and outside the eurozone the UK also faces economic stagnation

Unemployment now. 8 countries have more than 10% unemployment. In two Member States, Spain and Greece, it's even 27%.

And on public deficit and debt, all countries are breaching the rules of the stability pact. Only two small countries not: Estonia and Luxembourg.

And outside the eurozone, the UK is close to 100% debt.

And it is not only a question of figures. 

In Greece we have the rise of the extreme Right. 

In Italy we have no government and two competing populisms. 

In Cyprus, the banks are failing. 

In Spain, we face a lost generation with 50% youth unemployment.

In France, in Belgium, in the Netherlands, they need to find new packages of savings. 

Ireland enters in its sixth year of austerity. 

In Spain we have 50% unemployment for young people.

That's the real situation in the Union and moreover in the eurozone. 

We have really entered in what I called already many times a Japanese Winter, a long period, a decade of economic stagnation, growth between 0 and 1 %, due to a real estate crisis, financial crisis, unsolved banking crisis.

So instead of examining again and again the forecasts, this Spring Council should develop a vision. A vision for the future. A new solid basis for the Economic and Monetary Union beyond fiscal discipline, with :

    - a European economic government 

    - a European treasury

    - a European redemption fund to lower interest rates

    - a European Monetary Fund

    - a resolution fund for the Banking Union

This Spring Council should be about a new start - and about spring -  about blossoming.

Hopefully I 'm wrong when I'm stating that I believe this Council will not bear many fruit.



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