The American dream of global dictatorship: Asia


The occupation of Iraq launched a decade ago was “an implementation of the idea to create of a mono-polar world” but the Iraq War has made it evident that  a mono-polar world is not a global democracy, but a global dictatorship.  At least 134,000 Iraqi civilians are estimated to have died in the conflict, according to the Costs of War Project by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University. However, some researchers say that the number of casualties could be four times that number.


China slams US growing military presence in Asia

China has criticized the United States for its increasing military presence in Asia, saying the move is heightening the tensions in the Asia Pacific region.

China’s Defense Ministry Spokesman Yang Yujun said on Tuesday that the US is destabilizing the region by sending more troops, ships, and planes and strengthening its military alliances with regional partners.

Yang made the remarks during a press conference marking the release of an annual Defense Ministry report on security threats facing Beijing.

“Certain efforts made to highlight the military agenda, enhance military deployment and also strengthen alliances are not in line with the calling of the times and are not conducive to the upholding of peace and stability in the region,” Yang told reporters.

“We hope that the relevant parties would do more to enhance the mutual trust between countries in the region and contribute to peace and stability,” the official added.

The 40-page annual Defense Ministry report warned that Beijing faces “multiple and complicated security threats.”

“There are some countries which are strengthening their Asia Pacific military alliances, expanding their military presence in the region and frequently make the situation there tenser,” the ministry said.

It added that Washington’s deployment of additional ships and personnel to Asia meant “profound changes” for the region.

The report also advised the Chinese military to “place above all else the protection of national sovereignty and security.”



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