Belgian terrorizing authorities and western backed terrorism in Syria


The family and grandchildren of Marcel Vervloesem, board member of the Belgian association Werkgroep Morkhoven, are since 17.12.2012 terrorized by a gang.

Because of the gang members are still protected, it can be assumed that the terror is orchestrated by the Belgian authorities.

The skynet blogs of the Morkhoven Group were immediately closed after the campaign was launched. They remained closed for weeks. Probably it happened in order to prevent that the Morkhoven Group would report about this by the Belgian authorities orchestrated terror campaign.

During months, the Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo (socialists), the Belgian Federal Minister of Justice A. Turtelboom (liberals) and the Belgian Minister of Home Affairs, J. Milquet (christian democrats),  were informed in detail on this issue.

After the Morkhoven Group had received some answers from them, the terror campaign just continued.

The Morkhoven Group believes that the Belgian authorities do not only orchestrate this terror campaign to cover up the Zandvoort childporn case.

The Belgian authorities would undoubtedly prevent also that the group talks about Belgian foreign policy and the planned arms suplies to the so called 'Free Syrian Army'.

Photo: Marcel Vervloesem, board member of the Morkhoven Group.
In 1998, he was falsely accused by members of a gang who were protected by the authorities. Then he was persecuted for almost 10 years.
While he is a cancer patient, diabetic, kidney patient and heart patient, he was locked up in prison, isolated and tortured during 3 years.
Since 2006 it is him forbidden to contact the press; for years he is prohibited to meet the other board members of his association (Werkgroep Morkhoven); he has no permission to participate to associations which fight child abuse and to meet his own daughter and grandchildren who are terrorised now by a gang which is protected again by the Belgian local and federal authorities.
The members of the Morkhoven Group finally became political refugees in their own country that gives great lessons on 'democracy' to African and Arabian leaders.


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