Children's Day in Russia


Kremlin’s guards parade on Children’s Day

About 1,000 schoolchildren from Moscow have been invited to the Sobornaya Square in the Moscow’s Kremlin on the occasion of the International Day of Children.The children watched a parade of the Kremlin’s guards that is traditionally being held on this day.

Children's Day in Russia

On June 1st Russia and the rest of the world celebrate International Day for Protection of Children.

According to the recent census, there are more than 26 million children in Russia.

Moscow is hosting more than 300 events in connection with Children’s Day, including the formal Ceremony of Changing of the Guard which will take place in the Kremlin with the participation of a children’s equestrian team.

The metro is playing songs from popular cartoons while ice cream lovers can enjoy free scoops of ice cream from a 1.5-meter Ice Torch that has been put up in the very center of Moscow near the Kremlin.

Children’s Day, observed by many countries on June 1st, was established in 1949.

The holiday has a flag – figures of children of different colors forming a circle against a green background.

World Children's Day

Exactly 53 years ago today the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization announced November 20 as World Children’s Day. An international convention on children’s rights was adopted in 1989.

According to experts, the problems kids are facing in various parts of the world differ radically, with those living in developed countries feeling the negative impact of daily addiction to television and computers, while their peers in Africa and Asia suffer from malnutrition, AIDS, illiteracy and armed conflicts.

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