Uganda: Human Trafficking


Yang Zhengjun On The Run For Human Trafficking And Defilement


Yang Zhengjun, a Chinese national is suspected to be on the run after being charged for child trafficking and aggravated defilement.

A Warrant of arrest against Yang Zhengjun by the High Court criminal session No.045/2013 has been issued after he failed to appear at the court on various occasions.

Yang Zhengjun trafficked two young girls aged 9 years and 13 years from Gulu to Kampala for sexual exploitation with the help of his co-accused one Orlando Faith in 2012.

The two were arrested, taken to Buganda Road Court and charged .

Yang Zhengjun was granted bail by the High Court on July 12 and told to appear in court with his sureties on July 30, but they were nowhere to be seen when the time came.

A new date for hearing the case was further adjourned to August 1, they never appeared.

A warrant of arrest and criminal summons were issued against them but returned to court unexecuted because the accused and the sureties could not be traced.

Yang Zhengjun the prime suspect in this case is believed to have fled the country.


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