Bloody Sunday: the enduring lies of the government

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June 25, 2012 - We must speak out for Marian Price:

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The Pedophilia Network of The “Elite” In Europe

Thank you very much for the videos “File Of Shame”.

We will publish them everywhere because Belgian justice and politicians, they decided to prosecute and lock up Marcel Vervloesem again.

As happened in 1998, the complaint against Vervloesem was organized by his half-brother Victor again and was combined with a campaign of terror and death threats against his daughter and his 15 -year-old granddaughter. That lasted for months.

The authorities closed at the same time all the blogs of the Group Morkhoven for months
It was a combined and very well-planned action.

The complaints of Marcel Vervloesem and his daughter which was even the victim of an attempted assassination, were never investigated.

The Group Morkhoven has the impression that Prime Minister Di Rupo, the Interior Minister J. Milquet and Justice Minister A. Turtelboom are blocking the investigation.

The police and judiciary inspections did nothing.

Some days ago, Jan Boeykens, president of the Morkhoven Group, wrote Minister Milquet and the chief of the Federal Police: they don't answer.

Marcel Vervloesem is banned since 2006 to talk the press which was covering up the Zandvoort case but some journalists have still some questions.

He is still banned to see the other members of the direction board od the Morkhoven Group who visited him during two years, every week, in prison.
He can not work for organizations combating child abuse and should not travel abroad.

Over 130 days, there are elections in Belgium and the Morkhoven Group decided to start long-term actions again.

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