Libya destroyed with an UN-mandate

The UN gave NATO a mandate to destroy Libya with bombs of Depleted Uranium…

Photo: victim of Depleted Uranium



US, Israel and NATO: “Herons” repainted in the colors of Germany


Werkgroep Morkhoven is also coming up for the human rights of the Libyan and Palestinian civilians which are the victim of terrorizing bombings with uranium-weapons...

The drones (unmanned aircraft) used by NATO to bomb Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya are designed by Israel. The Israelis are denied entry into Afghanistan, but nevertheless, the Israeli drones provide ‘security’ for the coalition in Afghanistan. Israeli drones are used by Canada, France, Australia and Germany in Afghanistan. Today, Israeli specialists are on the air base at Ein Shemer for training the flight of “Herons” repainted in the colors of Germany. Many of Israeli military products are standard NATO-compatible.

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Manifestation in Libya: CNN reports on a normal way


A lot of people are happy and furious at the same time with this CNN-news because they know the dirty role CNN, Fox News and all the other media corporations have played in this war. The people in the West have serious questions about NATO, UN and the decisionmakers in Washington and Europe. They know also that they will pay for this ridiculous war with increased taxes and further privatisations as is already the case in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

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Morkhoven Group demands a solution for Libya

Werkgroep Morkhoven (Morkhoven Group) which still works about the international Zandvoort childporn network (88.539 victims), which was covered up by the authorities, want also defend the rights of the minorities and the right of self determination. The Group protests strongly against the NATO bombings of Libya that hits the entire Libyan population and looks for a solution to the problems in Libya, which were largely created by the mass media.